Links to the Blackboard 9.1  and the Canvas demo servers have been under the ‘Links’ section.

Important information about the Blackboard 9.1 demo site.
1. The site has an invalid SSL certificate.  You will need to tell your browser to trust the the invalid certificate to proceed.
2. The system is a clone of what production looked like in January.

The system is not as fast as it would be in production for two reasons.
1. The underlying database is undersized.
2. Content is coming from Winter Haven.

Please try not to base your impressions on the perceived performance of the system.  Like any Blackboard upgrade, many tools, enhancements , and customization need to be tweaked and that takes time.  Your looking at sausage fresh from the grinder. :-)   Before an actual upgrade these would all be fixed.

If you encounter problems please let us know and we will help diagnose them as 9.1 issues, demo performance issues, upgrade artifacts, or function as design.

2 comments to Demo Server Links Added

  • krywolfe


    I apologize for taking so long to respond. I initially did not add a course sites link because of the differences between it and Blackboard 9.1 SP8, the version would install. I will add a link to course sites.

  • brodosi

    Thanks for these links and updates. Blackboard also has a free hosting site,, which will allow you to fully demo everything Blackboard has to offer. I have been using it for the last six months for training sessions and find it to be incredible helpful.